The Journey

Who am I?

What a loaded question, right? Who really knows who the hell they are anymore.  We live in such a fast-paced, high-tech, social media influenced world that it often seems completely impossible to keep up with the rat race.  Society and social media constantly remind us where we should be in life, what we should look like, how we should dress, how successful we should be; the list goes on and on. 

So back to the original question, here: “Who am I?” I am a 23 year old girl living in Daytona Beach, Florida with my Boyfriend and our three dogs.  I graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University this year with a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Business Administration.  I work a 9-5 job as a manager for a small local business. In my free time (what’s that?) I like to spend time with my dogs, read books, go to the beach, exercise, and fish.


Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. SO. VERY. WRONG. Because in reality, that isn’t me at all. That isn’t how people know me. That isn’t how any of my friends would describe me. I really do like to do all of those things; that doesn’t mean they ever actually happen, or happen as much often as I would like them to.

As a matter of fact, that little speech sounds like it should be my Instagram bio, or in the little about me section on a resume. Who am I really when you cut out all the fat and added fillers? What are my goals? Dreams? Even better, what do I want to be when I grow up?

Guess what? I am still trying to figure all of that out; and sometimes that drives me absolutely crazy. I have no idea where I am going to be 10 years from now (don’t you love that job interview question!?) Actually, I have no idea where I am going to be 2 years from now.


But maybe that’s ok. Maybe that’s the big secret. Maybe it’s actually ok to not have all the answers (cue audience shock and outrage). Maybe we don’t have to have it all figured out today. MAYBE that’s why life is called a journey. The journey; welcome to mine.  Hope you enjoy discovering the answers to life’s mysteries right along with me.

See you soon!


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