Halifax Art Show

Hey guys!

Are any of my other Florida people absolutely loving this weather? For those of you that don’t know, high of 70 degrees, and it is absolutely gorgeous!!

We decided we would take advantage of the awesome weather and check out the Halifax Art Festival in Downtown Daytona Beach.  Having never been before, I was super surprised at the turnout.  There were a LOT of people! Apparently, the Halifax Art Festival is known to pull crowds of over 40,000 people over the course of Saturday and Sunday.  

The Art show boasts the work of over 250 different artist from all over the United States. Here are links to a few of my favorite artists:

Austin Baldauf

So for those of you who do not know, I am a huge book fanatic; pretty sure I never picked up a book I didn’t like.  I think that is the reason that I was so drawn into Austin’s work. He has a very unique way of incorporating his art with the books from which they are portrayed.  For example, his Alice in Wonderland pieces were absolutely amazing. My favorite was a large, framed piece featuring Alice. You can check that piece out here.  He is definitely an artist I will be watching out for in the near future.

Kole Trent

Kole Trent specializes in a variety of different types of prints.  My personal favorites were of the ocean related variety.  What makes Kole’s work unique lies in the 3D effect.  All of Kole’s work comes with 3D glasses that literally make the works of art pop off the page. I have really never seen anything like it.  My favorite was a work entitled Something Fishy. The fish seem like they are really jumping right out of the portrait.  It is really actually amazing to experience.

Overall, I thought the festival was awesome and I really enjoyed getting all dressed up in my warm sweater for this late Fall weather.


Talk to you soon!


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