Sunday Study Sesh

Anyone else ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? I  know I am definitely feeling that way lately.  Between working 40+ hours a week; studying to earn my FL Real Estate license; and juggling life somewhere in between, I often feel like I am never reaching my goals or completing my todo lists.  

I am also entirely guilty of overloading my plate with too many tasks at one time.  There are just SOOO many things I want to accomplish, and sometimes I feel like it all has to happen right now.  I have to really take a step back and remind myself that I have time; I don’t have to do everything right now, today. Even still, I start too many projects, try to read multiple books at once, and add too many tasks into my day schedule on a regular basis.

One day I will figure it all out and find my balance ( I actually really doubt it, but anyway); it’s all a part of my journey. In the meantime, I will just pregame for Sunday afternoon football by squeezing in a Real Estate license study sesh, with my Broncos jersey already on and ready to go. SIDE NOTE: In my house, we are diehard Denver Broncos fans. THERE IS NO OTHER TEAM. We take this very seriously.

But really, I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday afternoon, no matter which football team you are cheering for! (:



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