November Goals

Does anyone else like to sit down and write out their goals for themselves? I am literally addicted to making lists and notes about everything (its actually like a problem); why should my monthly, yearly, or long-term goals be any different?

So for right now, lets talk about my goals for the month of November:

  1. Eat my weight in turkey and mac and cheese on Thanksgiving. No, I’m just kidding. But really, my first November goal is to spend time with those I love and care about on Thanksgiving, while also enjoying some epic food.
  2. Payoff debt. I have one credit card that I have been slowly digging away at.  The good news? Looks like November is going to be the month that it FINALLY goes away.
  3. Start a workout regime, and actually stick to it.  This is a biggy for me. Now that I am working 9 to 5, I feel like I have no time to do small things like workout or clean the house. But, I know that’s just an excuse. I HAVE to make myself set time out a few days a week to exercise. This is especially challenging for me because while I love working out (said no one ever), I really cannot stand waking up early in the morning.  At the same time, mornings seem to be the only really viable time in my day that I can squeeze a workout in. The struggle is oh so real.
  4. I want to really focus this month on making progress in obtaining my Real Estate license.  My overall goal is to pass the state exam by Christmas, so I really need to get digging in so far as the course and studying is concerned.  In order to even be eligible to take the state exam, I have to finish the coursework and pass the course test.

All of these seem pretty attainable, right? Who knows? Life usually always finds a way to throw me an unexpected curveball.  But that’s ok; I’m moving forward. That’s all that really matters.


Happy Monday. everyone!


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