Exercise and Rucking

So I have a major love/hate relationship with exercise. Anybody else feel me?

I feel great when I get up early, or make the time during the day to actually squeeze a workout in. But inevitably, life gets in the way or I just don’t get out of bed early enough to get it done before I have to go to work.  As a result, working out and exercising more was one of my November Goals.

I have a membership to Planet Fitness (which is literally .5 mile from my house), but I rarely ever use it to workout. Sure, I go through phases where I’m really into machines and weight lifting; but that isn’t really what works for my body. I prefer to go for a really long walk for exercise. More specifically, I like to Ruck.

REWIND: Two years ago, I lost a total of about 25 lbs in 90 days. It was a combination and balance of lifestyle change and exercise. I didn’t pay for a gym membership, and I really did very little gym-related exercises.  I rucked, I did ruck workouts, I did a lot of cardio (stationary bicycle), and I went to bootcamp.

For those of you that don’t know, rucking is basically walking with a backpack.  You carry weight in your backpack, depending on your size and athletic ability, and you walk a long way. Miles and miles (sometimes).  On a normal day, I will average a little over 3 miles; the most I can get done in the hour I have to workout before work.  Other days, I will ruck 5-8 miles (and even more). 8.42 miles in 2:57 is my PR. I hope to break that this winter.

Anyway, rucking isn’t just an exercise; its a community sport.  Groups of people go for a ruck on a weeknight, or on a weekend for the camaraderie it provides; as well as the exercise. Guys, I absolutely LOVE it.  Even when I’m by myself, I have an exercise that burns calories and fat, while also being super low impact (and not running, which I cannot stand). Plus, I love the motivation of breaking my own records when exercising; rucking provides plenty of opportunity for that. Can I walk this mile faster? Can I go farther than before? Can I walk the same route faster than before? It goes on and on.

Overall, they say walking is one of the best ways to lose weight. I am living, breathing proof of this. I swear by it. Got an extra 10 lbs. to burn off? Even if you don’t carry a weighted backpack, just go for a long walk 4-5 days a week.  It really works, I promise. Give it a try.



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