Finding My Zen During the Holiday Season

Raise your hand if you are starting to feel “The great holiday season overwhelm of 2018”. This is how I am going to refer to holiday induced stress from now on. I am STILL trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Thanksgiving is a week away. I’m not even certain of what I plan to cook and serve yet. I have so much going on in my life right now, that to be honest, the holidays have totally snuck up on me. Just to give you an example: after work last night, I got all the way inside my house before I even remembered that I was supposed to go to the grocery store for dinner ingredients; and the only reason I remembered then was because my stomach growled.

Moving to the point here, I feel like my life has been in fast-forward mode for a couple of months now.  I’m on one of those gerbil wheels that I just can’t seem to step off of; and I am full of excuses as to why not. I keep telling myself that once I get this accomplished, or once I reach this goal, I will slow down. But the truth is, that never happens. There is always something else right around the corner waiting for me.

So I woke up today wanting a change. I decided I am going to slow down, and really take a step back from all the pressure I am putting myself under. Sure, having my goals is great. But this is the holiday season. At this point, I want to step back from all my stresses, and really be present so I can enjoy this time of year with the people that matter most in my life.

I can still work toward my goals, but maybe not so hard. I just need to slow down from the sprint, and maybe take up a nice jog. Maybe this is something that some of you needed to hear or think about right now too? No matter how much we get done today, how much we overachieve, and/or how much we stress, life is still going on around us.  I don’t want to miss out.  I’m sure you don’t either.

Sit down today and look at your schedule; cut out the extra stuff that doesn’t have to be done.  Save some time for your family and friends; make that new dessert you’ve been dying to try; go get your nails done. Spend some time on yourself and your family; find your holiday season Zen like I am trying to do. Let me know how it goes.



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