Holiday Recipe 1: Deviled Eggs

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! Hope everyone got their bellies good and full yesterday (I know I did!)! The next few blog posts are going to be all about my favorite holiday recipes, starting today with deviled eggs. I love making deviled eggs because they are really so quick and easy! Plus deviled eggs are an excellent side to take to a holiday party or gathering!

What You’ll Need

Package of pre-hardboiled Eggs (I cheat to speed up the process!)

a healthy heap of Miracle Whip

A splash of White Vinegar

A teaspoon or so of yellow mustard

Paprika for sprinkling


So because I cheat with the pre-hardboiled eggs, this recipe is super quick and simple to make. Start by cutting all the eggs in half lengthwise, and scooping all the innards into a bowl. Next, mash up all the innards with a fork, and stir in miracle whip until nice and whippy. Splash in a small amount of vinegar, and squirt a small amount of mustard in the mix. Mix everything up really well, and fill the egg shells with the filling.  Last thing, lightly dust with paprika for a kick of color and flavor.

BAM! You’re done. Wasn’t that easy? And they will be the perfect compliment to any main dishes, as well as other side dishes.

P.S. My food is always served a little messily.  Cute little serving pictures and picturesque plating is not really my thing. The messier the better! Nothing about me is perfect, and my meal serving is absolutely no exception!



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