Trimming The Tree

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I spent my weekend decorating our house for the holiday season, and eating as many leftovers as I could stomach – don’t worry, I got a workout or two in as well!

The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of year, and I could’t wait to bring out the Christmas decor. I always try to make myself wait until at least the weekend after Thanksgiving, because I don’t believe in rushing through the holidays. I want to enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas equally.

So bringing myself back to the weekend, I spent literally like two hours just shaping the limbs on our fake tree (I’m allergic to real trees). So by the time I got the tree shaping project completed, my boyfriend had already put all the lights up inside and outside of the house *face-palm*. Now that I am thinking about it, I really think we will need to replace our tree next year. This one is a pain to shape, and I’m all about getting in on that pre-lit stuff.

With his careful supervision *wink*,  I finally got the lights strung up on tree, the ornaments all in place, and the tree skirt PERFECTLY aligned. SIDE NOTE: tying and adjusting the tree skirt was a workout all in its self. I didn’t even need that workout that I had done earlier in the day.

But anyway, we got it all done. It only took one trip to the store to buy new lights because I discovered – only after I had completely strung the lights around the tree, that only half of our lights were actually functional.  No minds were lost in the decorating of our house; I promise.

Now all I have left to do is finish my Christmas shopping (which I am proud to say is already halfway done), finish my DIY wreath (stay-tuned for the blog post that will follow in the very near future), actually wrap all the presents I have bought (I totally hate gift wrap. I think it is terrible), hang our stockings (We got a new fireplace/mantel this year, so I need the right kind of stocking hooks), and get our special yearly ornament (I get us a new, sentimental ornament each year that has the date).  After I wrestled with the tree skirt for what felt like FOREVER (cue dramatics), I was really just not in the mood to hit Target or Walmart to find stocking hooks, or the mall to get the special ornament made. I can only imagine what a zoo any of those places would have been.  Those will just have to be projects for another time.

Can’t wait to see all of your holiday decoration stories and pictures. Did all of your decorating go as planned this year? Leave me a comment below and let me know. Talk to you soon!



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