DIY Holiday Wreath

So am I the only one who has noticed how expensive a good holiday wreath can be? Plus, I can never seem to find one in the rights colors, or that goes with the theme I am going for. So this year,  I decided to make my own holiday wreath, and the results are EPIC. It was totally less expensive than buying a pre-made wreath, and I was able to make a wreath that matched my exact red and gold decoration theme.

With projects like this, I always feel like simple is better. So I bought a reasonably-sized plain wreath at Target, as well as small red and gold ball ornaments, ornament hangers, a red bow made of felt ribbon, and a cute little bird ornament.

The process was actually super simple: use the ornament hangers to attach all of the balls to the wreath, hot glue on the bow, and attach the bird ornament with one of the wire hooks. TAA DAAAA! All done.  The whole process literally took me probably 45 minutes; which is about 30 minutes too long because I am pretty much OCD and wanted the balls perfectly spaced out and spread according to color *face-palm*. But all in all, 5 out of 5 would recommend the DIY holiday wreath. I am actually thinking I may make different kinds of wreaths for different occasions: i.e Easter, Valentines Day, etc.

Good luck on your wreath! Make sure you tag me in the pictures of your DIY wreaths on Instagram @parkerdoesntwrite.

P.S. I am in love with our door knocker. My Man’s parents gave it to us when he bought our house. Their realtor had it made for them when they bought their family home 40 years ago.



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