The Fire Starter

So as it FINALLY starts to cool off in Florida, there is nothing that I love more than to be all bundled up and WARM!! Some of my favorite things include fuzzy blankets, long PJ sets, and outdoor fires. I absolutely love hanging out outside on a cold night, and snuggling up really close to the fire! 

With this in mind, I do not actually like the concept of fire very much. When I was a little kid, the house next door to me burned down, and it totally freaked me out.  Needless to say, I am not a big fan of lighters or matches, or fire at all for that matter; but I love the warmth. So its kind of a love/hate for me. 

Starting the outdoor fires is literally like my least favorite part of the whole experience; not to mention that I am honestly not very good at it to begin with. So my Boyfriend bought a few things this year to help me out, and it makes things SOOO much easier! 

Guys, we got a propane torch! This thing is totally fantastic. We also got these little starter cubes that look like marshmallows to go along with it. The starter cubes make everything so much easier, but then the torch is just a whole other level of easy. Plus you can use it to start your grills or smokers, and apparently it can even be used to kill weeds in your backyard. You guys definitely need to check this thing out! It’s a life changer!!



P.S. Beer boxes make excellent kindling! Also,

Make sure you keep your fire extinguishers close!! 😊

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