So my Boyfriend and I love to go fishing on the weekends; especially now, when the weather is so much nicer. And lately, we have gotten more into crabbing, or fishing for crabs. I actually have so much fun doing this, and I even eat the crab we catch (I am really not a fish person). 

We go fishing on various docks along the river, and in Tomoka State Park. To fish for crab, we use raw chicken.  We have a couple of crab traps, and sometimes we even use our fishing poles; but my favorite method is to tie the chicken to a thick piece of string, and just drop it down in the water. I prefer this method because I can hold the rope, and feel the little nibbles when the crab pinches on. 

Once I feel the tug of the crab on my pole or my string, I just grab our big net, and try to scoop the crab up. I know it seems crazy, but I really have more fun doing this than just fishing for fish. I feel like I definitely have a tendency to catch more crab than fish, too! 

Overall, whether crabbing or fishing, I love the time outdoors just relaxing and soaking up the cooler weather!



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