2019 Word of The Year

I see and hear people all over discussing what their word of the year will be for 2019.  When I first considered the concept for myself, I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what word to pick. What word do I want to follow me around for the entire year of 2019? That’s a pretty big commitment!

I’ve been thinking about this for about two weeks now. Until yesterday, nothing had really leapt out at me. Then all of the sudden, it hit me dead between the eyes; KINDNESS. Apparently the universe has been trying to tell me that my word for 2019 should be kindness. And, apparently I was completely missing all the signals.

Lets rewind a little and catch you up. Last week I worked with an elderly customer. The older gentleman kept telling me how KIND I was to him. After I worked with him for several days and completed the transaction, he not only told my boss how kind I was to him, but he also wrote me a sweet little note. I caught myself putting the note on my refrigerator. “Thank you for your kindness”. 

Moving forward to yesterday, I was listening to The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher. There are about 215 episodes of her podcast, and I am listening to somewhere around the 30th episode, trying to (slowly, but surely) get caught up. Anyway; there was that word again. Kindness. I don’t even remember the context in which it was used; I was just so distracted by the word.

Why do I keep hearing that word? Why is it jumping out at me? I guess we will find out in 2019!? But it can only be meant to be, right?

What is your word for 2019?



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