Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks is one of my all time favorite holiday movies. Maybe, because I have always loved Tim Allen. Anyway, I have already watched the movie at least twice this Christmas season; and I will probably watch it at least one more time, because I feel like I am living it this year.

My Boyfriend and I decided that we are really in need of a vacation, and what better time to go then over Christmas?! We are going on a cruise to the Bahamas, and we will be on Grand Bahama Island on Christmas Day.

I am SO SO excited! I literally cannot wait. Its just so funny because I totally feel like I am living my own real life Christmas with the Kranks. The only difference is that we didn’t decide to skip Christmas; not at all. We just really wanted a vacation, and to do something for ourselves. We still had a Christmas party, we still bought presents and decorated the house, and we are still going to have a Christmas celebration with Family. So we really aren’t skipping Christmas at all; just celebrating a little bit differently on the actual day.

We just decided to take a quick break and have a fun getaway! This girl literally cannot wait!! What are you guys doing to celebrate Christmas this year? Hope you have a magical holiday!



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