Christmas Vacation Highlights

Finally home from our Christmas vacation and back to work, but my mind is still somewhere on a boat! This was literally the best vacation I have ever had! We had such a good weekend before going out of town, then had the best time on the boat and in the Bahamas! Keep on reading to find out everything we did (SPOILER ALERT: Keith put a ring on it!).

We started out the weekend by going to the Annual Beach Bash at the Ocean Deck here in Daytona. They have fake snow on the beach, live music, the works.  We didn’t go to bed until like 3 am! Then we did Christmas breakfast with my family Sunday morning, and spent the evening in St. Augustine having dinner and checking out the lights.

Monday morning, we got up and hit the road for our cruise. We spent the afternoon on the pool deck of the ship, then he proposed to me right as the ship was leaving the port. It was the sweetest, most romantic gesture I could ever have asked for. It was perfect.

We spent Christmas Day exploring in the Bahamas, and then spent some more time on the pool deck late in the afternoon and early evening. I so enjoyed just having some time to relax, and spend some quality time with my new fiancé.

Needless to say, I was not at all excited to come home, or get back to reality; but I m so SO excited to see what 2019 has in store! It’s going to be an amazing year!!



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