The Post-Holiday Slouch

The post-holiday slouch – or as I prefer to call it, the post-holiday hangover, is very real for me right now. You know what I am talking about? Like that UGH feeling when you take down the Christmas tree, go back to work, and life just kinda goes back to normal? Yeah, that’s the one. 

I took my decorations down on New Year’s Day, and that whole process was seriously depressing.  There is always so much excitement and buzz during the holiday season,(anticipation, gift-giving, time off from work, time with loved ones, vacations, etc.) that it can really be difficult to go back to reality and sink back into a normal routine. But on the flip-side, what is so wrong with reality? Sometimes there is a quiet peacefulness and enjoyment in simply waking up and going to work, having a simple dinner with you significant other. No major plans or impending obligations.

Even so, I think its so important for us all to find a way to get excited for the things this new year is going to have in store, rather than longing for the memories of the past. Sure, this holiday season was amazing for so many reasons, but that doesn’t mean that 2019 will be any less amazing. As a matter of fact, I think 2019 is going to be even better. I have so many fun and exciting things to look forward to in 2019 (including my own wedding!). Going to be tough to top that one! 

Anyway, I’m slowly getting my life together and getting myself back on track, while also trying to tackle some “New Year’s resolutions” I made for myself.  Stay tuned later in the week for some new blog and Instagram posts; I know I have been slacking. But sometimes it is good to allow ourselves to have a little of bit of a disconnect from everything. 



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