5 Health and Fitness Goals for 2019 That Even YOU Can Stick With

The New Year’s resolution struggle can be very real for so many of us; especially when it comes to setting realistic fitness goals. I myself, am the queen of New Year’s resolutions, but I always have the toughest time sticking with them. With this in mind, this year is going to be different. I tried to set realistic New Year’s resolutions that I knew I could stick with, and I have been celebrating the little victories that come around along the way.

Without further ado, here are 5 Fitness Goals for 2019 That Even YOU (and I) Can Stick With:

  1. Commit to yoga, or some other type of stretching at least once a week – seems easy enough, right? The health and fitness benefits of yoga and stretching simply cannot be ignored. 30 minutes of stretching per week can help tremendously with flexibility, muscle pain, etc.
  2. Mediate for at least 5 minutes per day – This is a tough one for me. I have the hardest time turning my mind off for even 30 seconds… And you want me to turn it off for 5 minutes?! But really, meditation can do amazing things for the mind. It helps to relieve stress, and just make your life a little happier. How can we argue with that?
  3. Set daily water goals for yourself – This is my personal favorite. I LOVE water; sometimes I feel like I even drink too much. But you would be surprised how often we short ourselves when it comes to water intake. An easy way to keep track is to download and app that simply tracks your water consumption. Every time you drink 8 ounces, you make a record of it. Then at the end of the day, you know exactly how much you have had. Some apps will even send reminders when its time to drink.
  4. Commit to go for a short walk at least 5 days a week – I know this seems like a lot, but even a quick 10 minute walk around the block with the family dog can have amazing mental and physical benefits; not to mention quality time with our fur babies. I like to take our dog for a walk right when I get home from work, before I even take my shoes off. I know that once those shoes come off, I will never get the motivation to put them back on!
  5. Lastly, work really hard to be in control of your diet and how much you are consuming – This is not the part where I tell you to cut out all fats, sugars, carbs, etc. I just want you to be aware of, and in control of what you are taking in. Everything is ok in moderation. Have a serious nacho craving? Be super aware of your portions, and wash it down with a lot of water. Also work to be mindful of your alcohol and sugary drink consumption. Those sneaky little calories and carbs can ultimately really add up.

All of these seem pretty attainable, right?! They have been for me so far. And feel free to adapt accordingly. Did you go to the gym tonight? Good for you; no need to go for that walk around the block.  It’s all about creating healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle, and finding a balance that we can stick with. If we are able to do this, everything else will just fall into place! Hope everyone is kicking ass in 2019, and maybe this will be the year that we will all finally be able to stick to our New Year’s resolutions!



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