March Goals

As per usual, I am a little late getting my life together, and making a list of my goals for the month of March. March and April are going to be VERY busy weekends for us, so I promised myself I would be gentle and lenient when it came to my goals for myself. January and February really burned me out. I had so much on my plate, and on my mind that I just wore myself out. I started March out promising myself that it would be different.

With this in mind, the first week of March has been unexpected, chaotic, and very stressful. I had a couple of unexpected things pop up, that really put a kink in my plan. But that’s ok; that’s life, I guess. It’s all going to be ok, and I’m going to come out the other end stronger. ANYWAY, my modest goals for March:

  1. RELAX – I have been so freakin’ wound up. It has been absolutely insane. My biggest goal for the month of March is to chill the fuck out and stop being so hard on myself. Live day-by-day and just breathe when it all gets to be a little bit too much. Go to the beach, read that book, sleep in a little, etc. Just relax. It’s my birthday month, we are going to concert, etc. I just want to really focus on my happiness in March.
  2. Pass my Real Estate exam – DONE!!!! I knocked this one out early in the month, thank God. I am so excited to have this project completed! It has certainly been a labor of love, and quite the project. I am so proud of myself for getting this one done, and knocking this goal off the list early in the month!
  3. Stick with my fitness regime – So I have done such a good job of sticking with my New Year’s resolution of working out and really focusing on my health and fitness goals long-term. I haven’t lost any weight at all, but I can definitely see changes in my body and in my confidence, and I am loving it. I hope that throughout this crazy, busy month, I will continue to find time to squeeze my workouts in.
  4. Some “Spring” cleaning and chores – While I realize it isn’t technically springtime yet, Florida is on her own schedule and we are rocking the spring weather here. With this in mind, I am hoping to get some springtime chores done this weekend. Really clean the house, give the dogs a bath, wash my car, etc. I have been neglecting my honey-dos, and it’s time for this Honey to do them!

So there they are; my 4 big to-dos. Nothing too exciting or climatic, as the ultimate goal for me was to really keep it simple. What are you guys tackling this month? Any big plans?



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