The Great Overwhelm of 2019

I feel like my life is in shambles; the struggle is so very freakin’ real right now. I have been so overwhelmed the last couple of weeks. Honestly, March has just been an absolute blur. My allergies have been messed up for like literally 6 weeks; I feel like I’ve had an actual cold for like two weeks, and life has just been SO, SO BUSY on top of it all.

We have been so crazy busy this month. It seems like we have had something going on every night after work, and all day everyday on the weekends. I’m honestly exhausted. I started the month off great: I got my real estate license, I was exercising consistently, I was doing a great job managing my diet and supplements, I was publishing regular and consistent blog and Instagram posts, etc. Then it just all went out the window.

I haven’t been to Yoga in weeks, I haven’t been to the gym in like 15 days, I haven’t been posting on the blog or Instagram, no supplements or diet management (ice cream has literally become one of my main food groups), AND I AM SO STRESSED OUT. When will the madness end???

Even so, the best part of this month was the little overnight getaway that my fiancé planned for my birthday.  We went to see Luke Combs play in Kissimmee last Saturday night, and spent the night in the Kissimmee area. That little overnight was exactly what both of us needed. Monday morning, we were both wishing we could just go back and relive the whole weekend. Isn’t that what life is all about? My takeaway from that weekend is that even through all the major stress and craziness, this is still a really good life; we still have a lot of reasons to wake up happy everyday.  

Moving forward, I am hoping that April will be a better month for me. I am going to start the first of the month and the new week out with a clean slate, and clearly defined goals. What could go wrong, right?? Please don’t answer that. In the future, I am hoping that we can lovingly refer to this busy time of my life as the Great Overwhelm of 2019. Lets just hope that this is the only Great Overwhelm that 2019 brings my way ( Say a prayer for me!).

Sunday is my Birthday, so it will be the perfect stress reliever to get me ready to tackle the month of April. I am confident, and ready to go. So stay tuned for workout updates, new recipes to try (cause boy do I have some good recipes stored up), life and mental health updates (my sanity may be questionable), and much more! Until then, I will be over here eating my cookies n’ cream.



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